The Price is Not Right – New Sermon Series Stage Design

Our february sermon series was about how to handle your money.  So our team here at church called it “The Price is Not Right”.  We wanted to go for kind of that retro game show feel.  However, as with all of our sets over the past year, we wanted to make sure that it was re-usable.  Long story short, if a set we make is not re-usable for us on Sunday morning or one of our ministries somewhere, then it’s probably not  a good investment.

So we devised a plan.


We took into account standard sizes of wood pieces.  We made each piece the right sizes to maximize the pieces of lumber that we would have to buy to make the set.  You’ll also see that with the shapes that we made, we’ll have a lot of versatility to making new stage looks in the future just by simply combining different pieces or turning the pieces.


We got a ton of shop lights for dirt cheap off the internet, as well as a ton of 60 watt bulbs that are mirrored on the front.  It was important to me to get the mirrored front lights.  This keeps the harshness of the bright bulb off the congregation, yet still gives off a warm glow (you’ll see in a picture below).  Here’s a few pics of the pieces and our awesome volunteers putting it together.




As you see in the picture above, in the background we have a set that we use occasionally for series or events.  This goes back to what I was talking about investing in sets that we can use again.  The post for that backdrop is here.


Next, we had to hang four of the pieces. That’s always fun 24 feet in the air.

Here’s a close of up of the fixture.  It has a real nice glow to it, without the harshness of seeing the bulb directly.


All in all it gave us a great camera backdrop as well as the ability to create some cool worship moments.  Thanks to the team!



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