DNOW 14 – Northwood Church Students Event

Every year, the student ministry at Northwood Church has a DNOW weekend.  Basically it’s a mini camp for the early spring where kids, in smaller groups, stay in host homes of church members, have awesome rec time, hear from a guest speaker, and worship with a guest worship band.  It goes from Friday night to Sunday morning.  This is one of the student ministry’s big events for the year, a great way to get new kids plugged in and meet new friends.  So this year, our production team helped them out a bit with lighting and atmosphere in the Students building (we call the Plex).  We added in 6 moving lights, 3 on each side, we added a hazer, and we added in 14 dmx controlled lighting bars for house lights.  The house lights made the biggest Impact in my opinion, here’s a look at the before and after of the house lights.

This is our most recent picture before the change – a mens event with our previous house lighting.  It’s very spotty, not very bright, etc.  The original lighting was simple track lighting installed by electricians.

And here’s a picture after putting in the LED Bars.  The LED bars in this picture below are at 10% purple vs the 100% house lights in the picture above.  Big difference.  The result, much more even light and fully controllable transitions via DMX.


For those nerds out there that care, we were able to light at room that sits 350 people with only 770 watts through the LED bars.  We are quite happy with the end result.  It was definitely much cheaper than conventional house lighting and dimmer systems as well.  I’ll do a more detailed post about specific fixtures later.


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