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Seeds Conference 2014 – Rick Warren on Leadership

Photo Credit: Andy Barron

In my last post, I talked about some of the notes I took at the Seeds Conference from Willie George’s session on Change in the Church.  Willie was the opening keynote, and he really set the tone for the conference.  The theme throughout the conference that I kept picking up on was change.  What can you change to reach people better, it’s necessary to change.  Rick Warren was the next keynote speaker.  He spoke on Leadership and what it meant to be a leader.  To implement some of the changes that Willie was talking about, you needed to be sure of yourself as a leader.  So, the leadership talk from Rick Warren was on the spot.  I’ll get to the notes here in just a second, but it’s important to note the thing I took away the most from Rick (I had never heard him speak before) was how open and honest he was.  It was refreshing to see this larger than life pastor just come out, sit on a stool, and talk about some of his biggest challenges as a Leader in the Church.  Wisdom comes from those who don’t flaunt it and come up with points one, two, three, but from those who come out and tell you how it is – Good and Bad.  Some of it was so personal and touching, I got wrapped up in the stories and forgot to take notes.  But none the less – here’s the notes:

  • Have a message worth remembering
  • Have a lifestyle worth considering
  • Have a faith worth imitating
  • Never stop learning
  • Never compare yourself
  • Ministry is a relay race, not a marathon.  You run the race to hand things off better than they were before.  The Church has been here long before you were here, and will be here long after.
  • If you can’t learn from someone else’s model (even if it’s bad)- you have an ego problem
  • You are most like Jesus when u are falsely accused and you say nothing
  • Again, write it down- never stop learning (everyone in the conference started taking notes at this point – ha!)
  • Again, never compare – your church, your family, or even your front lawn
  • Most start out as originals and end up as copies
  • You can always find someone better than you, you can always find someone you are better than
  • Originality is the art if concealing your source
  • Never give up
  • Grace is God knowing every stupid mistake I’m going to make and He still chooses me

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