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Seeds Conference 2014 – Whitney George on Creativity for Services

We had a breakout session at Seeds Conference with Whitney George.  Whit is the lead pastor’s son and is basically in charge of everything that happens in their main auditorium.  So he oversees all the worship, production, creative elements, videos, graphics, etc.  There’s probably a lot of sleepless nights involved – ha!  While the other main speakers were a little bit broader in approach, I appreciated this session a great deal because it was very specific to what I deal with on a day to day basis.  It’s important to always remember context and who your church is, as Whit’s way of doing things won’t always work in our situation.  But it’s important that it raise certain questions so that your team can get better in your own way.  Here are a few notes:

  • If you want to create something creative, your team has to have one vision.  The way they do it at Church on the Move is that the services are basically the overall vision of Whit’s.  He has trusted guys that speak into that around him that he’s worked with for a long time.
  • Play to your strengths – He said the reason why Church on the Move seems really good at everything they do, is because they don’t do everything.  They know what they are good at, they play off those strengths, and try to stay away from their weaknesses.  If you aren’t good at acting, then don’t try to act.
  • Part time vs full time or trying once vs life time of practice.  Don’t fool yourself to thinking that your one time shot is going to be as good as someone who has done it there entire life.
  • Peaks and Valleys – if everything is awesome, nothing is awesome – learn to create timing and flow and moments
  • Tension creates interest- the longer you create tension – the bigger the payoff has to be.  Whether this is in service, videos, music, or other creative elements, the longer you hold tension the more you are going to have to pay for that tension.
  • Do less to do more- spend less time on new things and more on the weekly stuff.  The weekly stuff is what matters.
  • Quality over variety – Spend time on doing a few things well, rather than a lot of things poorly.
  • Work it until you feel it – If you can’t feel the special moment, or if you don’t fully understand why you are doing something.  Don’t do it.  Odds are, your people won’t either.

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