Seeds Conference 2014 – Willie George on Change

Photo Credit- Andy Barron

A few days ago I had the fortunate opportunity to head to Tulsa, Ok, for the Seeds Conference at Church on the Move.  I attended the conference last year and it blew me away.  We learned so much as a team, we walked away with many new ideas about how to reach people, and we walked away with a lot of practical things to implement at our church.  This year, they raised the bar yet again.  I learned so much, and I’m still going through the countless pages of notes.

Here’s a few of my notes from the first session with Willie George, lead pastor at Church on the Move.  A quick note about Church on the Move: They were a large and successful church, and then had a burden to reach the younger generation.  They are one of the few large churches that successfully navigated a complete church makeover in style and focus.  Here’s the notes:

  • The hardest thing for a leader to do is to give up a strategy that has been so successful before.
  • Don’t resist change.
  • The most important decisions you make are usually misunderstood at first.
  • Don’t be hurt when people question your motives- obey God
  • When we change with Gods timing- you get to be apart of the future
  • No leader understands a younger generation like he understands his own
  • Don’t play the God card except for on special occasions when you KNOW – your team listens to God too.
  • Let your team members express opposing views or concerns that you may not have thought about
  • If you permit them to do it- back them like it’s your own
  • Disagreements are not allowed outside the meeting room
  1.  Investigate it thoroughly
  2.  Plan it carefully
  3. Preach it convincingly
  4. Implement it confidently
  • When something wonderful runs it’s course- something else is ahead

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