New Preservice Video

At Northwood we have tried every opener known to man: countdowns, welcome videos, bumpin music, secular songs, interactive stuff, etc.  Here’s a few reasons why this opener is so successful in my opinion.

  1. It has energy.  It gets people in the mood for some music.  It allows us to push the volume up in the room just a little bit to get people’s feet tapping.
  2. It quickly gives guests a snapshot of our church and what we are about.  It’s a great time to get your mission statement across.  However when you work on something like this, you’ll see really quickly if your mission statement is compelling or not.  Not too long ago, our communications guys revamped ours and they did a great job!
  3. It provides a warm and friendly greeting.  If guests happen to slip by our layers and layers of greeters and didn’t feel welcome, this should do the trick.  Jenni is our friendliest video host and she does a great job of communicating warmth.  It’s good to note that she didn’t start out this way, but over the years she has practiced and we have helped her be a bit more natural on camera.  Warmth doesn’t naturally happen over video, it’s something that takes practice.
  4. It lets guests see how they can get plugged in.  I heard at a conference once that videos of b-roll are like a flight simulators for the brain.  B-roll lets you see whats happening to make it easier for you to imagine yourself in that situation.
  5. It gets a few reoccurring announcements out of the way.  For us, there are a couple announcements that happen every week – guest reception – newcomers lunch – and the connection card.  While we will probably still re-mention these things at the end of service, they will just be a re-mention, they don’t have to be explained after showing this video.

There’s probably a few other great reasons to do an intro video like this, but these are the few that come to mind quickly.  You typically have a somewhat captive audience a few minutes before service, so why not use that time to your advantage?  Hats off to my sidekick Grant Boan for working with the animations.

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