TelePrompter Time

We get questions from time to time about our video filming process.  Since we are like most churches in that we we desire to produce quality pieces without having enough man power to really do so on a consistent basis, we created a system that works really well for us.  This system allows us to crank out videos quite quickly and still produce quality videos.  Here’s the last video I just posted with our host Jenni, using this system (I’ll explain what I mean by system in a bit).  Click here to read the post on this video and our thoughts behind it.

Our “system” includes a few pieces, lighting, audio, camera, and teleprompter.  I’ll do a post soon on our lighting, essentially its a three point lighting system that is already in place and ready to go whenever we need to film – more on that later.  Our microphone is always on a boom ready to go, we just hook in our H4N and we are good to go for crystal clear audio.  I’ll also do a post on audio later as well.  The camera tripod and teleprompter mount are always ready to go.  Then we get to the teleprompter.


For the teleprompter, we use an iPad mini with an app called Teleprompt+.  This app is great, it connects with your google drive, or you can just copy in text from an email or text.  Typically, we email our script, copy it off the email and put it into the app.  In which case the app gives you tons of options of speed, size, color, timing, etc.  Teleprompters take a little while to get used to, but once your host is used to it, its golden.  What used to take us hours in “try again”, “lets do it again”, now only takes a matter of minutes.  In fact the video you see above was recorded in less than 10 minutes.  With a set up time of about 5 minutes, this video took about 15 minutes to record.  That’s incredible compared to what a normal video shoot takes!


Let me touch real quick on teleprompters and scripts.  There are varying opinions on whether or not they help, whether or not it looks like you are reading, whether or not its genuine, etc.  Pastors are typically the worst because they like to wing it.  I would challenge everyone whether you have a teleprompter or not, to write a script before you shoot.  This forces you to speak with intentionality.  You will never be able to make your videos short and to the point (which they need to be) if you don’t think through what you are saying before hand.  Write out your scripts, make changes, read it again, make more changes, rinse and repeat.  If you don’t already do this, this will take your videos to the next level over night.

Keep a look out for a post on our lighting/audio/camera set ups.

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