Stage Backdrop Cheap

New Stage Backdrop On the Cheap

Most pastors would probably agree that when you preach on a subject, you often find yourself tested that week or soon there after on the same topic you just preached.  And then you have to ask yourself the question, am I going to practice what I preach?  A while back, I did a blog post on taking pictures during worship.  And the first point I made was that pictures will only look as good as the real set looks.  Soon after I wrote that post, I found myself taking pictures of one of our venues.  When I got back to the computer, the pictures were just blah.  It was very obvious to me at that point that the stage needed a overhaul.  So I decided to practice what I preach and deal with the problem head on.

Here’s the before picture.  I’m almost embarrassed to show this picture because of how unappealing it is.  But for the sake of transformation, you gotta see where it was to appreciate where it is now.

Old Stage Look

And here’s what it looks like now



So here’s what we did.  We used rolls of screen door material, we got it at home depot down the street, but you could probably find it cheaper online somewhere (link here).  The Screen material was $30 for a 4’x25′ roll. We used about 5-6 rolls.  Basically, you crinkle the screen material as much as you can (might recommend using gloves), attach the material to a pole, hang the poll (we hung with plastic chain from the I-beams in the ceiling), and put a weight at the bottom of the screen (for us that was another pole).  Altogether the project was simple, and only cost a few hundred bucks.  Granted, we already had the LED bars.  But look at the pictures again, and see how much more effective the LED bars are now that they are hitting a lighter reflected surface.

Here’s a picture without stage lighting on:



You can see the seams of the rolls when the stage lights aren’t on.  But we never host an event in that venue when the stage lights aren’t on, so that wasn’t a problem.  The result is a lot of mood setting color, the screens feel new as they pop much more, and the room itself feels like a new room.  We are quite pleased with the result and excited to see what it can do to the worship atmosphere of that room.

New Stage Design Cheap

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