Team Culture

Team Culture

This weekend, Jed Walker, one of the pastors on staff at Milestone Church, used a Peter Drucker quote that I’m sure most of us have heard before that got me thinking about how a production team operates in a church.

Culture Eats Strategy Over BreakfastPeter Drucker

As an analytical person, by nature I tend to lean toward well thought out strategy.  I don’t particularly enjoy implementing something new unless it’s been thought through to some extent and a good strategy has been put in place.  That’s partly because I’ve been a technical director for so long that I’ve seen things go terribly wrong, live, in service, when things aren’t thought through and strategized.  So strategy is very important.  Let me say that again, strategy is very important.

However, Culture > Strategy.  Always.

As a Technical Director in a church, your church could have the best looking/sounding production around, but if the culture of your team, your production team, is not healthy and life giving then your days of being the best are numbered.  Often, I meet many Technical Directors that enjoy shouldering all of the weight of the team.  This usually comes out of a fear of volunteers not being able to do things as well as they can.  The problem is quite obvious – culture.  You will never succeed as a Technical Director by shouldering all the weight.  You can only get to where you want to go if you build culture on your team.

How is a great culture accomplished?  That’s a great question.  I would assert that the answer to that question has many different answer.  Each situation is different.  For us, it’s intentionally getting together with the team before services and checking on everyone and praying together.  On the off hours, checking in with one another to see if we can help each other.  Then every once in a while, getting together as a team to celebrate where we are and where we are going.  What I do know is that good culture is set intentionally.  No team stumbles across good culture.  It’s something that is developed and and done on purpose.

So, its for you to decide what good culture looks like for you and your production team.  But it’s up to you as a leader to intentionally walk down the road of good culture.

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