Top 5 Videos

I absolutely love vimeo. With a pro account, it enables you to see just about every statistic you would ever want to know about your hosted videos. You can see how many plays, loads, embeds, and finishes. You can see what sites your videos are embedded on. The list goes on and on…

The reason why I mention Vimeo is mainly to give you insight into this post. These are my top 5 videos by number of times played of all time (meaning the past few years). Maybe you haven’t seen these before: enjoy!


Feet That Move Live Recording


Glorious Live Recording


Revelation Song Live Recording


Northwood Men’s Conference Commercial

And #1

Video of Forgiveness

Hope you enjoyed it!

Feet That Move

It seems like just yesterday since we did our live recording for Feet That Move. This weekend, we are showing a video that kind of shows the whole timeline of the CD. This video was fun to create, because it was fun to look back and see what God has done through the record over the last year and a half. Check it out:

“Feet That Move” Hits The Radio

Northwood Worship Live Recording "Feet That Move"

A while back, I told you guys about how Northwood Worship‘s title track “Feet That Move” was playing on the number one station in Houston. Yesterday, our local radio station here in the DFW area 94.9 KLTY, who boasts the number 1 listened Christian Radio Station in America, has added “Feet That Move” to it’s rotation! WOOHOO! Be sure to call in and request the song. The more requests we get, the quicker it can influence more people for the Kingdom.

Here’s the radio spot from yesterday morning: Feet That Move Radio Spot

To listen or purchase the rest of the song/album: iTunes Link, Amazon mp3 link

Northwood Worship – Worship Leader Magazine

A few posts ago, I showed you the design I created for Northwood Worship’s ad in Worship Leader Magazine (check it out here). We were blessed with being featured on Song Discovery, and we hope that it will propel the CD to bless other people as it has blessed our church. Well here is the update. We just received the magazine in the mail with our ad in it. It looks pretty good if I do say so myself – haha

Northwood Worship in Worship Leader Magazine

The upcoming March/April issue of Worship Leader magazine will feature Northwood’s new worship CD! Worship Leader Magazine releases a bi-monthly magazine that usually includes a CD of up and coming worship songs called “Song Discovery”. On that CD will be a few Northwood Worship Tunes including “Feet That Move”. Worship Leader Magazine was generous enough to give us a 1/3 page full bleed add (bottom of the page). Here’s the design that Brent and I came up with:

If you happen to get Worship Leader Magazine, keep an eye out for Northwood Worship, you won’t be disappointed. If you don’t get Worship Leader Magazine, I’ll keep you up to date with everything that goes on. If you happened to miss the live recording videos from our live worship recording night, Click Here.