Get Dropbox


One of the best online syncs I have ever come across is Dropbox. Extremely useful for work and play.  When working with someone not on the same LAN dropbox can easily sync (and keep in sync) a folder between you and a friend.  In fact, I have 6 users on dropbox that I have folders synced with.  Anytime my wife needs a mp3 and I’m at work, I just drop it in the dropbox and a few seconds later its synced to hers.

How it works: Makes a folder on your computer (PC or Mac) and syncs it to their server.  Anytime you want to sync a folder with a friend, it creates a new folder (ex: Chris-Corey).  When you take your laptop off-line it seamlessly starts syncing where it left off once the internet connection is re-established, even mid file.  Very helpful if you constantly transfer files from your work computer to home computer.  It’s completely free with 2 gigs of storage.  The more people you refer, the more space you get.  So, go get Dropbox.

A Glimpse Into Our Video Announcements

Almost every week (depending on the workflow and needs of the week) we produce an announcements video.  We find it is much more effective and people are much more interested when the announcements are made through video.  The effect is even greater if we have nice b-roll that the congregation can relate to and see themselves at that event.  With that in mind, we have done our best to get b-roll of re-occuring events to use next year.

We use our handy-dandy green screen setup to pull off these announcements.  While my skill and our vision for the announcements is now finally taking form, it took us a good couple of months before we found out a formula that we enjoyed.  In the next couple weeks look for a post on some settings, screenshots, and techniques used in creating these green screen video announcements.

This particular video was produced during our Friend Me sermon series. I try to match or take the background of the sermon series identity to further incorporate the idea of the series.

What does your church do for announcements?  We are always looking for a better way to pull these off.

Green Screen Woes

So I shoot our announcements every week on our little green screen rig.  We had this great story from a guy named mike owens and we had to get the video done quick.  As most media people are always crunched for time, I decided that we were going to use our current green screen rig to get the video done quickly.

First of all, it’s an amazing story.  Our church folk loved the video.

Second of all, however, looking back, I now have green screen woes on this video.  Anyone guess or see my green screen woes? yeah.

For a look into how our worship leader used the video and a little backstory behind the video, check out Jordan’s post.

Christmas Presence! A New Sermon Bump

For our Christmas series, we went for a Cartoonish-looking identity.  After quite a while, we came up with a design, and I put the design to work.  Everything in me wanted to use the charlie brown christmas album for the bg music, but alas I could not.  So I found a nice free royalty-free christmas-y bg music from videocopilot’s blog.

*Short Pause and Plug*
If you’ve never been to Video Copilot.  Stop. Go now.  It is quite the useful resource for aftereffects lovers.  Not only can you find tons of stock resources to use, but the tutorials are quite insightful for beginners or even people who think they are good (like me, ha).  Chances are, you’ll find a video copilot technique in some of my stuff.

Back to the Bump.  It took quite a while to figure out what I was going to do with this bump.  Looking back, I can still see a lot of room for improvement and additions, but every good video guy or gal constantly critiques their own work.  At around 200 individual layers, the Christmas Bump finally came together.  Needless to say, I should have combined a few of the layers into an individual comp to make things a little simpler and shorten the 10 hour render (A little ridiculous, I know).  It came out quite nicely and is a lot of fun.  Check it out and tell me what you think.

Friend Me! Sermon Bump.

What makes a great sermon bump? For this specific bump I went after a couple principles: simplicity, catchiness, and communication. More to come later on a few specific tricks and effects. First, just take a good look at the video. Keep in mind simplicity, catchiness, and most of all communication.

What makes a great sermon bump?  For this specific bump I went after a couple principles: simplicity, catchiness, and communication.  More to come later on a few specific tricks and effects.  First, just take a good look at the video.  Keep in mind simplicity, catchiness, and most of all communication.